Who We Are

This remarkable, one-of-a-kind, event was created to encompass a variety of emerging and dedicated talents that depend on one another. The compilation of this event grew from a wiggly can of worms to a blossoming multi-petal flower within the first few months of planning.

Once the location was secure, the search for the participants and volunteers of the event began. I am proud to announce my mentors, advisors, teachers, students, artists and authors that have assisted in the the dawning of this festival of creative arts. A special thanks to the festival squad that volunteers their time and efforts to bring to light the serving and sharing spirit that is Memphis.

Committees include:

Festival contacts with Exhibitors, Presenters, Guests and Volunteers; Social Media monitoring of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Bloggers and Periscope reporters. Join committees for advertising, learn to write Press Releases, Magazine and Newspaper ads; Raffle Baskets design and wrapping; Fundraising and Sponsors; Kitchen duties for the Opening Reception and the Lunch Buffets. Traffic controller outside and keeping the campus free of debris. Be a Runner for what ever is needed; Room monitors for the Exhibitors and for the Workshop Presenters. Invite your friends and family to participate. Check it out: 4 exhibit rooms for books and visual art, Actors reading scenes from festival books, local entertainment and 52 hours of workshops.

Our Commitment to our VOLUNTEERS:

Volunteers receive the following benefits for their services:

  • Discounted rate for table or wall space for exhibiting books and/or table or hanging wall art with 2 chairs per table.
  • Festival T-Shirt and name tag.
  • Tickets for each 4 hours served, Opening Reception, Lunch Buffet and workshops when space is available.
  • Free Admittance to workshops other than your assigned workshop, if chair is available just prior to start of workshop.
  • Community Service Certificate for hours served.

Requests and Assignments:

Volunteer Coordinator will assist in helping you choose your assignment and confirm times you are available. You may choose to work the Reception, Buffet and/or a Workshop. Every workshop attendant has a reserved seat for that event and remains for the entire workshop.

The attendant for each workshop room checks in paid guests, helps during workshop if needed, and vacates the room for the next workshop. Stays for change over to next Attendant to check in next paid workshop guests.

The Memphis Chamber of Commerce

A resource for local Businesses and a Mentoring service to develop and grow new businesses. Their staff is invaluable in their knowledge and help in contacts and calendar of events for their members.