Book Review: She Was The Quiet One by Michele Campbell

I have always loved books about school, especially high school, which is funny because I hated high school. But there is something about school that makes for a great book (or movie or tv show). When my mom finished She Was the Quiet One by Michelle Campbell, she passed it on to me and I was really excited to read it. And it was SO good. I could not put it down. I am categorizing it as fiction, however, I would say there is are elements of suspense and mystery to it.

She Was The Quiet OneRose and Bel Enright are twin sisters who move in with their wealthy grandmother after their mother passes away. They are quickly shipped off to the prestigious New England boarding school Odell, where their father also attended as a teen. The twins couldn’t be more different. Rose is excited about boarding school – she loves school and is the rule follower. Bel is not looking forward to boarding school – she is the rule breaker. And the school only brings out their differences more.

Bel quickly falls in with the bad crowd – a group of wild seniors who take Bel under their wing. Rose objects to Bel’s new friends, and their relationship becomes more and more strained until an event occurs that blows their relationship up.

The book is told from each of the twin’s perspectives, as well as Sarah Donovan, who is a teacher at Odell and is married to another teacher Heath. Heath is extremely handsome and desperate to rise to success at Odell. Sarah is trying to support her husband but worries about what it will do to their family and how far her husband will go to achieve success.

At the beginning of the book, you know that one of the twins is dead, and it is believed that the other one killed her sister. But you don’t know which one. And so much happens, it could really be either. There are so many twists and turns in this book, and the end has a really nice twist!

I thoroughly enjoyed this. I honestly read the last several chapters SO fast because I just HAD to know. I am really excited to read her first book It’s Always the Husband soon.

Have you read She Was The Quiet One? If so, what did you think? If not, I definitely recommend it!

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