Inspirational Writer Delores Christian Liesner

If I could sit on a panel with three famous authors, who would they be?
O’Henry, , Grace Livingston Hill, Lucy Maud Montgomery – O’Henry for his mastery of short story mystery with a tinge of humor and often surprise culprits, Grace Livingston Hill – prolific writer after WWII. Wrote from age 12 to 80+. I’ve got 106 of her books so far. LM Montgomery – mistress of character study – wrote Anne of Green Gables.

Which of my characters or character types is the hardest for me to write?
I’ve written a little fiction, but the majority of my characters are real. The ones most difficult to write about are those I know too much about and those most like me. It is challenging to look at a difficult spirit or personality through God’s eyes instead of my own.

What part of publishing makes you want to tear out your hair?
The book proposal which is actually more of a business loan proposal and marketing plan. It must prove from several marketing points of view why the world needs my book, what is similar and different about it from competitors and what market it will reach and what I will do to help accomplish that. In simplest terms the author must convince publisher why they should put faith in me and my project and invest thousands to produce my book, marketing it and my personality.

What’s the best thing anyone ever said about my writing?
I actually save the compliments for those days when the enemy whispers in my ear that I am wasting my time: For today I choose this one because it confirms both sides of the calling I feel I have been given: To glorify God by ministering to others (putting hands and feet to my faith). “I am in awe of what God is doing in my life, thanks to your influence.”

What do I wish people knew about the writing business?
Just that – it is a business – the writing part is enjoyable because it’s that something that you cannot stop doing, but… In addition to writing you have to look at it as a business: Business Plan – Goals –Taxes – Receipts – Marketing Plan – etc. Author Gayle Roper told me first thing is to get a group of prayer backers. Trust me – she was right – we writers need a lot of prayer!

Life is all about stories, and Delores credits her Native American heritage with her gift of storytelling.

The curiosity of a toddler, the energy of a teen and the goal from the title of Gordon Mote’s song – Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory equals one hyper-grandma. “Too blessed to be depressed” is a signature response that is also a self-reminder to daily count those blessings. Among those blessings are a treasure of a husband, Ken, three children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

When she is not at the computer writing you might find her in the study reading a few of the books stacked there, or in the living room, reading a few of the books stacked there, or just before falling asleep, reading a few of the books stacked… well you get the picture. She is also caregiver for an elderly parent, and active at their church, First Evangelical Free Church.

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