Historical Writer Christine Elizabeth Johnson

If you could sit on a panel with three famous authors, who would they be?

Assuming the authors could be living or dead: C.S. Lewis because his wisdom and incredible ability to blend story with faith inspired me early on to write, Nora Roberts because I love her no-nonsense approach to writing, and Susan May Warren because she can explain the writing process in a way that makes sense to me and because she just sparkles with life. With those panelists, I wouldn’t have to say one word!

Which of your characters (or character types) is hardest for you to write?

Each character has a unique and fascinating story that I find very compelling. Well, except for babies, but then they don’t speak. After that, very young children would probably be the most difficult. They can play a crucial role, though, especially in romances.

What part of publishing makes you want to tear out your hair?

Those unexpected, rush deadlines. For some reason, they often show up at the least convenient time, like when I’m heading off on vacation or when company is visiting. Thankfully, that seldom happens. There have been a couple times, though…

What’s the best thing anyone ever said about your writing?

That the book kept them up way too late. That’s pretty much the best thing you can say to an author. Secondly, because I can seldom stop at one of anything, when a reader tells me that a story impacted her life. That is so knock-your-socks-off humbling.

What do you wish people knew about the writing business?

That it takes a lot of hard, hard work. Granted, God has placed a few writing jewels on earth for whom a story rolls out of their head with relative ease, but for most of us it takes a lot of studying and even more work. Before the first book is published, a writer puts in thousands upon thousands of hours learning the craft and the market. I liken it to getting a master’s degree. The work doesn’t stop once he or she publishes. In some ways it increases. A reader might skim through a book in a few hours, but it took the writer months and months (sometimes years) of work to pull that story together.

Christine is a small-town Michigan girl who has lived in every corner of the state’s Lower Peninsula. From a young age, she knew she wanted to do something in the arts. After trying her hand at music and art, she returned to her first love – story. She feels blessed to write Christian fiction and to be twice named a finalist for Romance Writer’s of America’s Golden Heart® award.

When not at the computer keyboard, she loves to hike and explore God’s majestic creation. Her heart is in women’s ministries, especially women’s Bible study, and she loves to facilitate small group study in her church or online at Women’s Bible Cafe, where she is blessed to co-lead a small group. These days, she and her husband, a Great Lakes ship pilot, split their time between northern Michigan and the Florida Keys. You can visit her on Goodreads, Twitter or Facebook.

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